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Guide for those who want to find a dream place in Catalunya

Full service agency for everything related to the purchase and sale of your (second) home in Spain – Catalonia.

  • Professionele begeleiding: As real estate advisors, we guide you through the purchasing and selling process of real estate in Catalunya with our proven approach.

  • Completely unburdened: As a local real estate agent, we provide every buyer and seller with a smooth and efficient process, also 100% possible remotely.

  • Personal attention: We provide personal attention and warm and sincere involvement with every step in your real estate journey. We are involved throughout the entire process, including after the transfer at the notary.

  • Expert knowledge: our in-depth knowledge of the local Spanish real estate market, culture, rules and laws ensure that you are always informed about the options you have. Thanks to our expertise, you can make a fully informed and confident decision with all options.

  • Being helped in your own language: our team members speak Catalan, Spanish, English, Dutch, German and French and understand how important language is to make you feel comfortable and well understood throughout the process.

  • Solution-oriented: we have a great ability to find solutions to any problems that may arise surrounding the purchase and sale.

Where, how and why did it all start?

Purchase apartment in Tarragona

Casalunya Founder Hieke Voorberg experienced how exciting it is to take out a Spanish mortgage in Spain and invest in real estate from the Netherlands. She received excellent help from her selling agent.

Creation of Casalunya

Hieke emigrates to Tarragona, graduates as a real estate agent and starts Casalunya in the middle of the corona pandemic, for everyone who wants a casawant to buy or sell in Catalunya.

Focus on purchasing guidance

Due to the many requests for guidance in the purchase and sale of real estate in Tarragona and the surrounding area, Casalunya specializes in purchasing and selling agents.

Full-service office for purchases and sales in Catalunya

Due to the high demand for guidance and advice, we are stopping as traditional real estate agents and focusing 100% on guidance with purchases and sales.

Casalunya is a full service agency where, in addition to purchasing guidance, you can also go for a Spanish mortgage, (tourist) rental and tax and administrative matters.

We are there for locals and for everyone who does not yet live in Spain but would like to.

Client cases

appartement kopen parte alta tarragona
Aankoopmakelaar Tarragona

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