Apartment in Tarragona for Natalia and Marina

erfenis of donatie woning spanje

¨¨Great service! In our case in the English language. After all the horror stories we heard about buying property in Spain, it was so unexpected that we were walked through the whole process so smoothly and quickly! Not only did we find a dream home, but we also received a very clear and detailed plan on how we could realize all this as quickly as possible! In addition, Hieke advised us about a service to obtain NIE and gave advice about local and online banks. And we are very(!) happy with extra services such as contracts with electricity/gas/water companies, help with applying for an alarm system, etc. Compared to other agencies we visited, they have very nice properties listed. They are professionals, very friendly, we had the feeling that we were completely taken care of.¨


¨We were lucky to come across the Casalunya real estate agency when we were looking for an apartment in Tarragona! And it was so helpful to meet English-speaking real estate professionals who know how things work in Spain, who guided us through the woods of the Spanish purchasing process so that we went through it with ease and complete confidence that everything is going in the right direction. We had all the necessary information in English, including the translated and explained contract. Highly recommended for anyone looking for a home in Spain! Thanks Casalunya!¨


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