Sales support Cap Salou for elderly uncle and aunt Anita Kappert

I HAVE NO WORDS. In May 2022 we traveled with aunt and uncle to Salou where the assignment was to sell their apartment. Simple, we thought, because there was already a buyer. So formality. (We thought) Found Casalunya Broker with Hieke Voorberg as Dutch broker…couldn’t have been better. And… indeed couldn’t have been better, because…. There are no words…for the way she and her team helped us. FANTASTIC!!! Very simple… Without Hieke Voorberg and her team, this sale would never have been successful for our aunt and uncle. Uncle and aunt had bought the apartment 33 years ago and have lived and enjoyed it for several months a year since then. However…. Uncle and aunt had never made all the necessary updates to their personal registrations in all those years, so these were not up to date before the sale, which meant that no sale could take place at all…. In just a week, there have been by Casalunya International Real Estate Agency worked wonders so that the sale could go ahead and was ultimately realized. But there were more unforeseen problems, with which uncle and aunt were helped fantastically by this real estate agent Hieke voorberg. This help was not part of their duties, but came straight from their hearts. It will be a book, I want to mention it here, so I won’t do that, but the real estate agent Hieke Voorberg of Casalunya Real Estate can put you in touch with me if you would like information about this. Casalunya International Real Estate Agency….. Highly recommended. A real estate agent with his heart in the right place. Thanks again 1000 x.

Anita Kappert helped her uncle and aunt Elly & Boet with a private sale of their apartment on Cap Salo, near Cala Crancs. They called in Casalunya for everything that was involved, which was quite a lot

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