Hieke Voorberg shows viewers Dutch television program ‘Droomhuis gezocht’ at Tarragona

Droomhuis Gezocht will almost start At fridaydag 4 november at 20.30 at MAX, NPO 1 Carrie ten Napel and Dionne Stax help Dutch people in their search for a dream home abroad. The first episode focuses on Sandor and Diana. With the help of Dionne, they are looking for a new home in the area of Cambrils, Spain. Carrie shows what there is to do in the area, and local expert Hieke Voorberg (real estate agent at Casalunya) talks about what makes Tarragona and the surrounding area so special.

Tarragona stad

Catalonia is much more than just Barcelona. More and more people are finding their way to the Costa Daurada. Be it because of the Roman heritage in Tarragona city, the fantastic village festivals, the golden beaches and the fantastic affordable second homes just a stone’s throw from the sea.

Hieke Voorberg samen met Carrie ten Napel in Tarragona
Achter de schermen tijdens de opnames van droomhuis gezocht in Tarragona

Droomhuis gezocht

In daily life we are real estate agents, but of course also residents of the city of Tarragona and the surrounding area.

During the broadcast of Omroep Max (shown live on November 4 at 8:30 PM) or via Uitzending Gemist, Hieke Voorberg, who was initially devoted to Barcelona, said she chose Tarragona after all. During the broadcast she talks about the amphitheater, the Roman aqueduct and thecastellers (human castels).
She also talks about what it is like to live in this Mediterranean city.

Droomwoningen genoeg te vinden in omgeving Tarragona. Likethis house in Cap Salou.

Diana & Sandor

We are not allowed to reveal anything about the broadcast yet. And whether Diana & Sandor will really find their dream home in Tarragona or Cambrils. The fact that you see them toasting in the photo does not mean that they have found the house…

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