OMF payment via the Banco de España

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There are various ways to pay for a property in Spain, but it’s crucial to consider the safety of the payment method. One of the safest payment methods is through an OMF (Orden de Movilización de Fondos) at the Banco de España.

Real estate transaction for buying in Spain

The OMF is an order type used to mobilize funds, ensuring that the necessary funds are available for a real estate transaction. It provides a secure and controlled way to make payments related to real estate transactions in Spain.

Here are some reasons why the OMF method is considered safe:

Funds Confirmation:

The OMF ensures that there are sufficient funds available before the transaction takes place.


The process provides transparency in the cash flow, enhancing the security of the transaction.

Collaboration with Banco de España:

By routing the payment through Banco de España, it collaborates with a reliable institution, further strengthening security.

Fraud Prevention:

The OMF method helps prevent fraudulent activities as it is a controlled and secure money transfer method.

Confirmation Certificate:

After the transaction, a confirmation certificate is received from Banco de España as proof of fund mobilization.

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