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Sales assistance for homes in Catalonia: Expert advice and personal guidance with Casalunya at your side.

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Sales support for property in Spain

Have you found the ideal buyer for your home in Spain? Fantastic news! But did you know that the road to a successful sale is often accompanied by complex steps and legal formalities? Discover how our sales support makes your sale smooth and worry-free.

Sales assistance for property in Spain

Did you know that there is a lot to consider when selling a home in Spain? From the moment you have found the right buyer, the process of reservation begins, drawing up a reservation contract with deposit, and ensuring the correct sales documentation such as the NIE number, Cédula de Habitabilidad and Energy Certificate. These are just a few steps that are essential for a legally correct sale.

Problems can arise when selling privately from owner to owner without the guidance of an estate agent. Incomplete or unclear contracts can lead to legal conflicts, while missing documentation can lead to delays and frustration. But with our sales support you are assured of a legally watertight sales contract and the correct documentation, so you can complete the sale with confidence.

Our approach

Our sales support is more than just a service – it is a reassuring guide that will assist you with every step of the sales process. Whether you are selling to a family member, friend or another well-known person, our expertise as a local estate agent in Spain ensures that no detail is overlooked.

The transfer at the Spanish notary is a crucial step in the sales process. With our guidance you can count on a flawless notarial transfer. If desired, we can arrange a power of attorney for someone to sign on your behalf and provide a translator on the day of the transfer of the home. No unnecessary stress, just a smooth transition of ownership.

Tax settlement is another challenge that we tackle with expertise and care. As a non-resident, the capital gains tax refund can be a complex procedure. Let us arrange this for you, so that you can focus on enjoying the sales result.

Step 1: Preparation and contract drafting

Our experienced team will work with you to gather the necessary information to draw up a solid and legally watertight sales contract. This contract will contain all relevant details and terms of the sale, including the sales price, the transfer date and any additional terms agreed between you and the buyer. Drawing up a good contract is crucial to protect both parties and avoid misunderstandings.

Step 2: Arrange sales documentation

In addition to the contract, we ensure that all required sales documentation is in order. This includes the energy certificate (EPC), the NIE number, the Cédula de Habitabilidad (habitability certificate) and other necessary documents. Having complete and correct documentation is essential for the sale to proceed legally and without complications.

Step 3: Guidance at the notary

On the day of the transfer, we will personally accompany you to the notary. This is a crucial step where ownership is officially transferred to the buyer. We ensure that all required documents are present, that you are well informed about the procedures and that any questions are answered. If desired, a translator can be present to ensure you fully understand what is being discussed.

"At Casalunya we know exactly what is involved in a sale. Have you already found a buyer? Contact us to handle the sale. Avoid stress and unnecessary traveling miles and receive our remote sales assistance."

Hieke Voorberg
Purchasing agent Casalunya


Why choose Casalunya?

Our years of experience and in-depth knowledge of the local Catalan real estate market enable us to make your private sale a success. By relying on our expertise you benefit from:

  • A professional and legally watertight sales contract.
  • Complete and correct sales documentation that meets legal requirements.
  • Personal guidance and support at the notary, so you can complete the transfer with confidence.
  • Minimum stress and maximum peace of mind throughout the process.

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For a safe, worry-free and successful selling experience, contact our experienced team at Casalunya. We protect your interests during the entire sales process.

Sales support for property in Catalonia


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