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Protect your Spanish home against damage and burglary with essential home insurance. Discover buildings, contents, liability and other insurance options.

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Hieke Voorberg

Hieke Voorberg

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The purchase of a second home in Spain is just the beginning of all kinds of wonderful moments. Of course, you don’t want to think about damage, burglary, or unforeseen incidents. That is why it is good to take out home insurance, and in the case of a mortgage also a must. Are you well versed in the differences between the Spanish insurances and the ones in your home country? Get well informed through Casalunya and our insurance partner(s)!

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We work together with specialized and English-speaking insurance agents. This allows us to offer various insurance options that meet your specific needs and the unique characteristics of your home. Whether it concerns buildings, contents, liability or other related insurance.

"At Casalunya Makelaars we think beyond the day you get the keys, and therefore also provide services in the field of safe and carefree living."

Hieke Voorberg
Purchasing agent Casalunya

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We understand that your time in Spain is limited and that you find purchasing in a country where you do not know the language and rules exciting. You don’t want to make a bad purchase or end up in an nightmere That is why we select the best options together with our local partners and discuss the options and purchasing strategy.

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Home insurance Spain

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