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NIE NUMMER   Obtaining a NIE number has become difficult. The Spanish consulate in your country might be always fully y booked, and getting an appointment at the local police station in Catalunya seems impossible. Save costs and time-consuming trips to the notary in your home country, and apply for your NIE number in Tarragona, our home town.   Obtain a NIE number You can also apply for your NIE yourself at policia local in Spain, but getting an appointment and going through the entire procedure can be a real challenge. You can also contact independent parties and service agencies specialized in applying for a NIE number. .

Why choose Casalunya ad our NIE partner Tarraco Consulting?

  • Convenience: We take care of the procedure for you.
  • Worry-free: After ordering and authorization, we will take care of the rest.
  • Helped in English  language 

"Hieke helped me very well with my NIE in Spain, everything went smoothly from the purchase to the signing. Also great!"

Rachid Bouzalmati through Google Review

Therefore Casalunya

We understand that purchasing in a country where you do not know the language and rules is exciting. You don’t want to make a bad purchase or end up in an nightmere That is why we select the best options together with our local partners and discuss the options and purchasing strategy

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We recommend starting the NIE order when you have chosen a home or expect to purchase it within six months. This is the ideal time to request the service. After payment and signing of the power of attorney at the notary, the process can begin. We only need the signed provisional purchase contract, copy of passport and the cadastral number of the property. Request your NIE number through us now.

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