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Casalunya: Your trusted purchasing agent in Catalonia, with local expertise and personal guidance for real estate purchases.

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Hieke Voorberg

Hieke Voorberg

Real estate agent Spain

Buy real estate in Spain safely and carefree through a local purchasing agent

Buying a home is a big step, not only emotionally but also financially. There is a lot more to it than you might think, especially in Spain. We can tell you what exactly. This way you will not be faced with any surprises during the process. We guide you through every step of the purchase and help you make important choices

Purchasing agent

Have you found a home and do you want to purchase it with the best conditions and all guarantees? Then engage us as a purchasing agent. If you want to purchase but have not yet found a home, first view our personal real estate shopper service.

Casalunya is ready to negotiate the best purchase conditions for you and to carry out a thorough legal and construction inspection. This way you can make the down payment with confidence and purchase your Spanish dream home with full guarantees. Make a determined move in Spain with our proven purchasing methods.

Why choose purchasing guidance?

  • Buy for the best price and purchase conditions;
  • A purchase contract that protects your interests;
  • Expert guidance during all phases of the purchasing process.

"Hieke and Alejandro form a very successful combination; Hieke can excellently understand and interpret Dutch needs, and Alejandro knows the market; he negotiated perfectly for us! We did the search and find the house ourselves, but we consulted with Hieke every time. It is very nice and familiar to have someone who guides you professionally and critically throughout the entire process. Right up to the last moment! Fantastic really! Thank you very much Hieke and Alejandro! You are great."

Casalunya Makelaars
Bought a house in Altafulla together with her husband in September 2023

Our approach

We see the purchase of a Catalan property in 3 phases: finding your home, negotiating for the best conditions and being assured of a safe purchase, and preparing for the transfer. In addition to experienced real estate agents, we also consider ourselves the managers of your purchasing project. We draw up an appropriate planning and strategy based on your budget and wishes.


  • Personal purchasing strategy, valuation and planning.
  • Purchase at optimal price and conditions.
  • 100% safe purchase after thorough legal and construction checks.
  • Provisional purchase contract that guarantees your position as a buyer.
  • Help and guidance with everything needed for a smooth transfer.
  • Advice on insurance, mortgages and taxes.

Casalunya purchasing guidance

Why Casalunya?

You choose Spain because you want to enjoy life. But first you have to overcome that one hurdle: the purchase. We ensure that your unique project does not turn into a headache. Save thousands of euros and make your purchase safely and without worries with our guidance. After we have received a starting rate, we will start the engines. Do you want to prevent your dream home from being acquired by another buyer? Do you want to save thousands of euros and make a safe purchase? Contact us for an introductory meeting and a personal quote.

More info?

Call,send a WhatsAppmessage to +34 644 38 93 61, mail to info@casalunya.com or fill in the form below. Want to schedule a consultation?Book an online consultation call.

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