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Failure to carry out a building inspection when purchasing a home in Spain can lead to various problems. Hidden defects such as structural problems and leaks can be overlooked, resulting in high repair costs and potentially unsafe conditions. Legal complications can arise and the value of the home can decrease, causing financial stress and loss of time. This can lead to disappointment and regret about the purchase. It is therefore advisable to always carry out a construction inspection to avoid these risks and to have confidence in your investment. A construction inspection is always a standard part of our purchasing process. Are you not purchasing a course but would you like to order it separately from us? That is also possible.

Construction inspection Spain

Buying a property is an important investment. At Casalunya, a construction inspection is therefore also a standard part of our purchasing support. Carried out by an experienced construction expert with knowledge of construction standards and practices. .This means you know exactly what the condition of the property you are acquiring is. This way you can avoid future problems and make informed and safe decisions.

Why choose a construction inspection?

  • Early detection of defects
    A building inspection reveals any hidden defects or structural problems in a home before you purchase, helping you avoid surprising and costly repairs after the purchase.
  • Well-founded decision
    With a detailed report from the building inspection, you can make an informed decision about the purchase. You have a clear picture of the condition of the home and can determine whether it meets your expectations.
  • Bargaining power
    If the building inspection reveals defects, you can use this information to adjust the purchase price or negotiate repairs before closing, which could lead to a better agreement.
  • Thorough inspection:
    A detailed visual inspection of the home and grounds to identify possible defects and shortcomings.
    Analysis of the condition of the building elements such as foundation, roof, walls, floors, windows, doors, and installations such as electricity and plumbing.
  • Photos and evidence:
    Documentation with photographs of the defects and shortcomings identified to support the findings in the report.
  • Independence: Carried out by an experienced construction engineering expert with knowledge of construction standards and practices. The inspection is carried out independently without conflicts of interest, guaranteeing an objective evaluation.
  • Advice and recommendations.: Providing advice on possible solutions, repairs and improvements to optimize the overall condition of the home.
  • Optional: extensive sustainability advice for home improvements.

"If you are considering moving to beautiful Catalunya and have no idea how to navigate all the additional obstacles, Hieke is the perfect guide. She has the much-needed knowledge of local customs and is a valued partner on site. She has a passion for high-quality living in a sustainable way and has an extensive network from which every housing wish can be realized. She knows the region like the back of her hand and will definitely find the dream location you are looking for. Her enthusiasm and involvement with the customer and the region is truly special. She has made a complicated and confusing process manageable and enjoyable."

Our approach

We understand that you do not want to find any unexpected things after receiving the keys. That is why a construction inspection is part of our purchasing process. If you do not take a course, you can also contact us for an independent construction inspection, which can be ordered and scheduled separately.

Construction inspection Spain

Therefore Casalunya

We understand that purchasing in a country where you do not know the language and rules is exciting. You don’t want to make a bad purchase or end up in an nightmere That is why we select the best options together with our local partners and discuss the options and purchasing strategy.

Contact us today for a no-obligation consultation and discover how we can help you make your purchase in Spain a safe one, including construction-wise.

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