Solar Panels in Catalunya: financing options and tax benefits

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From accessible financing options to local tax benefits: in this blog, we’ll tell you more about starting with solar energy in Catalonia.

Financing the Installation

Purchasing and installing solar panels is a sustainable investment, but it can come with significant costs. Depending on the installation and the number of solar panels, these costs can amount to 8000 euros. If this initial amount is daunting, consider financing options. For example, with our partner Solarmente, you can finance the installation at a very attractive 0% interest rate, provided you repay the amount within 18 months (as of our knowledge in January 2024).

Discount on IBI

Some Catalan municipalities offer financial incentives for using solar energy. This often translates into discounts on property tax (IBI). You can check the municipal policy in your area here. It’s wise to also inquire with your sustainability partner about the municipal policies, as these can change. In certain municipalities like Tortosa, the annual IBI discount is a substantial 50% for 5 years. Suppose you normally pay 1500 euros per year in IBI; this results in a benefit of 750 x 5, totaling 3750 euros. Add to that the savings on your energy bill, and investing in solar energy becomes a no-brainer.

Click here or on the map to find the tax benefits in your municipality.

Interesting from an electricity bill of 70 euros per month

Are you considering the switch to solar energy? If your electricity bill is around 70 euros per month, it’s already interesting. The payback period for investing in a solar energy installation is approximately 7 to 8 years with a monthly energy bill starting from 70 euros. Want to know what your personal return on investment could be? Let your situation be analyzed without obligation. Email us your latest energy bill (or just the CUPS), address, and contact details. Within 48 hours, our sustainability partner will call you back for personalized advice.

Renting Solar Energy

If you prefer not to pay all costs at once, consider leasing the solar energy equipment. For example, if your energy bill is 150 euros per month, and you lease 10 solar panels for 55 euros, you already save 45 euros per month on your energy bill.

Think about the future

Consider what the future holds. Will you, for instance, charge your car in the driveway in the future, leading to an increase in energy consumption? And what if energy prices rise in the future? Anticipate these scenarios to save not only now but also in the future. Investing in solar energy is not only good for the environment but also for your wallet and the value of your home. Explore the possibilities and take the step towards sustainable energy.

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