Successfully purchased Authentic Roman food in Tarragona during Tarraco a la Taula

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Successfully purchased Authentic Roman food in Tarragona during Tarraco a la Taula

Tarragona was once Roman Tarraco. Because residents are proud of this Roman heritage, part of a UNESCO World Heritage Site, this special past is often commemorated and celebrated. This is also the case this month with Tarraco a la Taula, or: Tarragona at the table, a culinary event where you can taste authentic Roman dishes.

Taste Roman dishes in the amphitheater in Tarragona

The Tarraco a la Taula event starts today with the Convivium, an opening dinner where several chefs prepare Roman dishes that can be tasted in the Roman amphitheater, in wineries, patisseries and bakeries.

Can’t be there? No problem. The restaurants participating in this 26th edition of Tarraco a Taula still offer dishes from Roman cuisine all year round. These are the places: Seasons, El Llagut and Twins, the pastry shop Velvet MGL, Forn de Nulles (where you can eat bread baked according to an ancient Roman recipe, among other things), and the wineries Pallarades Celler, Mas Vicenç Celler, Vinyes de l’ Alba, Vinyes del Tiet Pere Celler and Adernats Celler. During the rest of the days of the event, Roman dishes can also be tasted in La Caleta, Cortijo, AQ and Barmut.

No longer the same stomach as the Romans

Gastronomic advisor of the festival, Joaquín Ruiz de Arbulo, pointed out that the dishes offered in ten restaurants are a modern version of Roman cuisine, adapted to modern tastes, since “we do not have the same stomach” as our ancestors. Therefore, Ruiz de Arbulo emphasized that “approaching Roman cuisine is not easy at all.”

The dishes will be paired with wines from five local wineries. According to Vicenç Ferré, from the Mas Vicenç winery and oenological advisor of the Tarraco a Taula, customers will taste different “wines with native and typical varieties of Tarragona, already ancestral, such as Macabeo, Carthusian or Tempranillo”. Ferré also pointed out that some of these wines were made using “ancient methods, such as the ancestral sparkling method or in amphorae.”

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