Tarragona is one of the best hotspots for 2023 according to The New York Times

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Tarragona stad

Tarragona is one of the best hotspots for 2023 according to The New York Times

NewspaperThe New York Times has published a list of the 52 best cities to travel to in 2023, taking into account parameters such as food, culture, adventure and the beauty of nature. And Tarragona, in thirty-first place, is one of 52 cities on a list of which number 1 is London.



“Tarragona: forgotten seaside resort long overshadowed by Barcelona”.

Other tourist hotspots on The New York Times list include London (England), Morioka (Japan), Monument Valley (USA), Kilmartin Glen (Scotland) and Auckland (Australia).

About the city of Tarragona, The New York Times notes that “this forgotten seaside resort on the Costa Daurada, long overshadowed by the glamor of Barcelona, is a culturally rich alternative, with thriving Catalan traditions, from the famous castells to the romesco sauce, often served with grilled fish and vegetables, enjoyed in El Serrallo, a maritime district.”

But what elevates the experience of Tarragona, they say, “is the past: this is one of the oldest Roman settlements on the Iberian Peninsula. The impressive ruins of Tarraco, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, turn the city into an open-air museum, of the mighty Roman walls to the amphitheater surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea”.


In the photo: Roman heritage in the center of Tarragona

Finally, the New York Times points out about Tarragona that “Against this ancient backdrop, the city is in the midst of change: a revitalized port, new cheap express trains in the region and a growing contemporary art scene. Perhaps the best way to enjoy it is a to walk along the Rambla Nova, eating tapas along the way, to the Balcó del Mediterrani, where touching the iron railing is said to bring good luck.”

In the photo: the historic Parte Alta district

What is remarkable is that Barcelona does not appear in the list at all. Madrid did.

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